Translation service

Elevate the global reach of your communications.

Translation service

Top-notch translation

and transcription

We understand the challenges and obstacles in slicing and interpreting massive information coming from different media sources.

Our goal is to be your strategic partner in creating daily newsletters, report analysis, data curation, and language translation services. 

We have combined both technology and human talent to have the quality of service for all of our clients.

We streamlined our operations to fit the preferences and timelines to meet our deadlines and commitment to our partners across the globe.

Reports and Data Analysis

Creating reports and sorting through various media data can be time-consuming. We implemented a proven business process framework to address these challenges and help you submit those much-needed reports on time to your clients.​

Document Translation

Translate a wide range of documents, including legal, technical, contracts, and business-related materials.

Presentation Translation

Translate corporate presentations, proposal decks, and business reports to international stakeholders.

Video Transcription

Transcribe short- and long-form video content to text accurately.

Closed Captions

Make videos accessible to wider audiences with closed captions.

Human Proofreading

Assure the quality of all translations to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Brand Name Recognition

Retain brand names even after comprehensive translation.

Jargon Recognition

Ensure that translations of industry-specific jargon retain their intended meaning.

Brand Voice Consistency

Maintain a consistent tone of voice that stays intact across all translated content.

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