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We help media analytics companies serve their clients better and faster. No outsourcing needs are too complex for our competitive and adaptable teams.

Your outsourcing needs may be complex,
but our teams are competitive and adaptable.

Verticals / Industries
Pieces of content analyzed per month

We send data reports on time.

We’re here to help you meet the challenging demands of your clients and deliver your promised data analysis reports—whether it’s daily, monthly, or quarterly.

Our insights are actionable for your client’s bottom line.

Your data analysis reports are never just mere vanity metrics. You can be sure that our support for these reports will follow your standards for insightful excellence.

We interpret data accurately.

Based on your requirements, we can sort, validate, and analyze data, and produce insightful reports accurately. These analyses also include comparative buckets that measure two topics against each other.

Our raw data is complete and comprehensive.

We have complete access to public social media data from international sources. Additionally, our specialization is the inclusion of traditional media data in the Philippines.

We can adapt to any software you’re using.

From Excel to Tableu, our teams are well-versed in the different platforms that consolidate data, making it easy to adjust to whatever platform your team is using and support what system you already have in place.

We can translate data to and from any major language.

Our translators can handle data in all
widely used languages and dialects
gathered from users in major cities.
Beyond those, we can also adapt to any translation requirements that you may have.

We offer 24/7 support across all time zones.

We service media monitoring companies from anywhere in the world, and you can be sure that our outsourcing support can keep up with your clients’ fast-paced demands.

Why we're flexiblecomprehensiveresults-oriented

We assess the problem.

Your business systems may be complex, but we learn fast and are able to pinpoint how we can ease your bottlenecks.

We customize solutions.

We design and implement your media analytics solutions based on the nuances of your process.

We execute swiftly.

Our teams have built a robust, tested-and-proven process that executes your ideas with no time wasted.

We provide 24/7 report.

We ensure that you’re always there for your clients, especially when they need you most.

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