media analysis

Insights that are actionable, reports that are on time.

We understand the challenges and obstacles in slicing and interpreting massive information coming from different media sources.

media analysis

Daily Newsletters

Our team of professional writers and media analysts will provide efficient solutions to address your daily email reports for your clients. We perform the following processes:

Data Sorting and Identification

Gather accurate metrics that are appropriate to your specific needs.

Data Tagging

Associate information with relevant tags and keywords.

Language Translation

Get accurate translations of complex information from any main language to English and vice versa.

News Article Summary

Identify the key parts of the written narrative.

Topic Clustering of News
and Social Media Posts

Organize content from traditional and online spaces with specific brackets.

Reports and Data Analysis​

Creating reports and sorting through various media data can be time-consuming. We implemented a proven business process framework to address these challenges and help you submit those much-needed reports on time to your clients.

Adhoc Reports

Fast track critical business decisions with additional reports as needed.

Issues and Crisis Reports

Identify relevant concerns in order to come up with actionable solutions.

Share of Voice

Measure how much of the market is owned by your brand compared to your competitors.

Data Benchmarking

Compare and contrast your data with others and see how it holds up.

Topic Analysis

Organize and interpret large amounts of data through assigning categories based on themes.

Specific Brand Analysis

Assess how a brand measures up against the audience’s perceptions and needs.

Comparative Analysis

Distinguish similarities and differences
between relevant information.

Sentiment and Tonality Analysis

Determine not only what was said,
but how it was said.

Key Influencers and Media Exposure

Identify the leading thought leaders in specific industries and maximize audience exposure.

Competitive Intelligence

Determine what needs to be done in order to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Executive Summaries

Gain access to a complete and summarized version of reports that touches on the most important information.

Language Translation

Get accurate translations of complex
information from any main language
to English and vice versa.

Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly
and Year-end Reports

Receive in-depth reports on a timely
and regular basis.

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